At the end of 2020 the React team shared with us their upcoming feature, called React Server Components. This feature is still in research and development, it should not be used in production yet, but we can play around with it. You can find a talk and a demo shared by them here.

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React Server Components are normal React components (with some limitations, i.e. they can not use state or effects), that execute on the server. The main pain points that Server Components try to improve are performance and data fetching.

You might wonder how are these different from Server-Side…

Recoil is a state management library for React. It is still in experimental phase, but it looks really promising. The best thing about Recoil is that it works and thinks like React. The most important concepts of Recoil are atoms and selectors.

Atoms are units of state, while selectors are pure functions that calculate derived data from state. Selectors accept both atoms and other selectors as input. Components can subscribe to selectors or atoms, and will be re-rendered when the selectors or atoms change.

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I will explain how Recoil can manage your application’s state through some examples. No, it won’t…

Kinga Hunyadi

Front End Developer

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